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What are Noble Minerals?


  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Rhodium
  • Iridium
  • Palladium
  • Ruthenium
  • Vanadium
  • Osmium

Do you know why gold is valuable? Because it’s scarce? Or because it’s pretty? No! In fact gold originally became precious because it was sought after by the “Gods of old” and it was used by the ancient Chinese and Sumerians because it extended the human life span! This is the true origin of Alchemy.

Are you curious about supplements with powerful health effects on the nervous, immune and hormonal systems? Supplements that provide energy at a cellular level, repair DNA, improve brain function and may even result in a longer life?

Precious metals together constitute about 5% of the dry weight of the brain and the entire nervous system. Minerals form the basis of all supplements because they are the building blocks of the body and thus of our health. Unfortunately, our soil has been depleted of minerals, and as a result of the lack of these minerals in our diet, most people have significant deficiencies. Supplementation has therefore become essential.

Most people are familiar with metals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, etc. They know that these metals are important for the proper functioning of their body and mind. Much less well known is the need for the ingestion of nobles – a group of metals, known as precious metals, which are used in jewellery and special industrial applications. Noble metals belong to the platinum group. They are commonly found in the earth in combination with platinum. Most noble metals do not corrode or oxidize. The physiological effects of these metals have many similarities, but each metal also possesses its own unique quality. The only proper, effective and safe form in which to ingest precious metals is in nano-form, i.e. as extremely small particles dissolved in water.

All Nano Noble metals increase the release of neurotransmitters (the chemicals found in the nervous system that facilitate the transmission of impulses at nerve connections) and improve electrical conductivity and thus the functioning of the brain. By test, this has been shown to improve intelligence, concentration, focus and memory. They stimulate the regeneration of the skeleton and various body tissues and organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and eyes. They support the functioning of the endocrine system and the nervous system. And they extend life span by repairing telomeres (the ends of DNA strands which when damaged cause aging and death). Nano noble metals possess important anti-oxidant qualities. Most of these precious metals are also transition metals, which means that when they are in a monatomic form (particles consisting of only one atom), they lose their metallic properties and become ceramic, resulting in the metals becoming superconductors.

Our body cells communicate throughout the nervous system not only through chemical particles (neurotransmitters) and electricity, but also through the exchange of light particles or photons. The human body is an excellent bio-electric machine, and all its processes and functions are dependent on the conduction of electrical “messages”. Light, as already demonstrated by optical fiber technology, is able to provide more information more rapidly with less loss of information and less damage to electromagnetic fields. This principle is already applied in the fields of telecommunications and data communications.

The Nano Noble metals guide the photons and enable an increased flow of these light particles. They could therefore be considered a kind of “liquid light”. As an analogy, it’s as if the monatomic metal particles change the wiring of the body from simple “copper wire” to an “optical fiber network.” Thus the body’s “wiring” is capable of processing 1,000 times more information.
What we are doing with these products is giving you consumable super-conductors!

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Nano Mineral Water With Gold

Our body, especially the brain, needs gold. The gold particles have to be extremely small in order to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier. High quality nano gold contains gold particles between 0.14 and 4 nanometers in size. Nano Gold improves the conduction of the nerve cells, which results in greatly improved brain and nervous system functioning. More…


Nano Mineral Water With Silver

A solution of Nano Silver consists of very small silver particles in which are not “in suspension” but are in fact dissolved or “in a solution” of pure water. It is known that Nano Silver kills a variety of micro-organisms and purifies drinking water. Each silver particle has a positive electrical charge that is attracted to viruses, fungi, bacteria and other disease-causing unicellular organisms that are negatively charged. More…


Nano Mineral Water With Platinum

Nano Platinum has a regenerative effect on the heart tissue, the thymus (which plays an important role in the immune system) and the entire hormone system. It also has a regenerative effect on DNA, a quality characteristic of all nano precious metals. The brain waves of people tag Nano Platinum are comparable to the brain waves of those who have meditated for up to 20 years. More…

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