What is Nano Platinum?

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What is Nano Platinum?


  • Platinum
  • Rhodium
  • Iridium
  • Palladium
  • Ruthenium
  • Vanadium
  • Osmium




Platinum, like Gold and Silver, is part of the Noble minerals and forms, together with the trace-minerals mentioned on this page, a crucial part of your body’s mineral intake.

Nano particles of platinum were tested in 1945 and were shown to kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells . Unlike platinum based chemotherapies broadly in use since the 1970s (such as cisplatin), Nano Platinum is pure platinum and does not have any of the toxic side effects that chemotherapy is known for.

Nano Platinum balances and increases the coordination between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, offering a possible solution to dyslexia. Because of platinum’s reputation for increasing life span, the University of Tokyo ran a fully controlled experiment on worms and found that the consumption of nano particles of platinum increased the worms’ life span by a full third.

Platinum increases libido in both men and women.

Nano Platinum has a regenerative effect on the heart tissue, the thymus (which plays an important role in the immune system) and the entire hormone system. It also has a regenerative effect on DNA, a quality characteristic of all nano precious metals. The brain waves of people tag Nano Platinum are comparable to the brain waves of those who have meditated for up to 20 years. The results are:

  • Improves learning abilities,
  • Increases concentratiion,
  • Enhances Creativity,
  • Refines mental clarity,
  • Reduces stress, and even
  • produces more lucid dreams.

These changes are all associated with the harmonization and synchronization of brain waves. Increased brain wave activity may manifest itself in a more consistent and targeted use of mental energy and thus a more effective use of the brain. This can lead to deeper learning and more effective thought processes.


As a nano noble metal, rhodium is involved in a range of brain functions. A specific effect of rhodium is that it stimulates the production of melatonin and thereby can promote sleep. In contrast to the effect of taking supplements containing artificial melatonin, which suppress the body’s production of its own melatonin, ingesting rhodium increases the body’s production of melatonin.

In some cases it has been observed that after half a month of rhodium supplementation the thymus has grown by 40%. The thymus gland is important because it creates and literally trains the T-cells (the killer cells of your immune system) in their specific functions. The T-cells fight parasites, viruses and tumours, so rhodium has a vital role for anyone fighting a serious illness. The thymus largely loses its functionality around puberty so the ability to reactivate it with rhodium is essential.


Iridium is called the twin of rhodium. Used in combination, they mutually enhance each other’s effect. Apart from all the general qualities of nano precious metals, iridium has the following functions:

  • It improves the quality of sleep, giving more energy with less sleep.
  • It accelerates cell metabolism, promotes healthy cell function and supports healthy regeneration of body tissues, including brain tissues. As a result wounds heal faster and better.


Palladium works as a powerful antioxidant; it collects free oxygen radicals, which it binds to hydrogen, forming water and thus preventing their damaging effects. Palladium improves vision because it repairs the cone and rod photo receptor cells in the eye. It also repairs other sensory structures, such as taste buds, and strengthens bones and tooth enamel.

Palladium improves liver and kidney function by making them energy efficient, thus freeing up energy for use in other parts of the body. It also softens the wall of the digestive tract and increases the production of stomach acid and enzymes, which improves digestion. It calms the heart and has an anti-clotting effect on the blood.

Because palladium is the strongest of all metals, it strengthens the muscles and tissues and builds one’s resistance to illness. It increases the transport, presence and effectiveness of oxygen throughout the body. Specifically because of these functions, there is a growing interest in palladium from athletes and body builders. In addition, palladium has the ability to absorb hydrogen as if it were a sponge. It thus improves the body’s hydration.


Studies in both animals and humans have shown that vanadium lowers the blood glucose levels and increases the insulin sensitivity of the body. It also ensures a more efficient conversion of sugars to fuel the muscles and tissues. Vanadium also plays a role in lowering blood pressure. Like palladium, vanadium is used by athletes and body builders.


Ruthenium is a noble metal which has gained the interest of the medical world. It works in a similar way to platinum-based chemotherapy. It also appears to enhance the effect of various medications. This was shown by research done on a malaria drug, which showed that the drug performed five times better in subjects who were also taking ruthenium. Of all nano noble metals, ruthenium has the greatest ability to change DNA. Again, this is recognized by the pharmaceutical industry. Nano ruthenium also increases the efficacy of all the other noble minerals and we believe it adds the final synergistic touch to the extension of the human life span – to the lengths mentioned in The Old Testament.


Osmium obviously has all the qualities of a precious metal, but is best known for its ability to prolong life, because of its ability to change DNA. Osmium is already used medically in treating cancer, particularly breast and ovarian cancers.

We are limited by government regulations on what we say about the efficacy of Nano Platinum and the amazing effects it can have on people’s health and in their lives. Thus, the best place to go to get information is advice-giving health shops. One thing governments cannot take away from us is freedom of speech. A person can give you advice and tell you the truth about what a product can do or how it can help you, although this cannot be put into print due to the various laws surrounding the promotion of natural health products.


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