What is Nano Silver?

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What is Nano Silver?


  • Helps with infections,
  • Burns,
  • Cuts,
  • Fungi,
  • Inflamed gums,
  • Eczema,
  • Skin problems
  • and more.


Over the centuries, silver has been an important substance for promoting a healthy life and has been used as a preventative measure against disease.

In ancient Greece and Rome, silver vessels were used to store food and beverages so they remained fresh and were protected against bacteria. In ancient Egypt, they kept milk in silver containers because it lasted four times as long.

Since the twelfth century, silver has been known as a bacteria-fighting agent and it was discovered that diseases were not spread when people drank from silver goblets. In fact, the aristocracy who ate on silver tableware had a much lower incidence of disease than others during the Black Death.

Cowboys in the Wild West would throw a silver coin in their milk to prevent it from spoiling.

Before the discovery of penicillin, silver was readily prescribed as the recognized antibiotic against infections, such as syphilis.

Before 1938, “colloidal silver” was registered as a medicine by the FDA in the United States. In 1939, when the price of silver shot up to $100.00 per ounce, colloidal silver disappeared from use. Since 1893, when Swiss Botanist Carl Nägeli first tested silver and found that colloidal silver was a broad spectrum biocide, silver has been tested more than any other remedy or drug and has been found to be highly effective. The research includes a massive NASA sponsored study in 1970, which fully confirmed silver’s efficacy.

It has now been shown that silver kills bacteria within six minutes and is highly effective in the treatment of infections. Nano particles of silver are the most effective and natural antibiotic in the world. You can use nano silver not only to fight bacterial and viral infections and fungi and as a disinfectant, but also as a detox treatment, and you can even take it daily to support your immune system. Doing this results in more energy, vitality, faster healing and reduced physical toxins, without any negative side effects.

There is a natural precedent for nano particles of silver and other noble minerals in ancient grains, such as spelt and amaranth, and some species of mushrooms. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the industrial revolution, the land was robbed of much of its mineral content and, as a result, only traces of these minerals can now be found in these grains or mushrooms.

Nano Silver, as a natural and safe antibiotic, is beneficial and effective in preventing and treating infections, wounds, burns and skin conditions.

The Danger of Antibiotics

Throughout the world, bacteria have become more and more resistant to antibiotics, due to their overuse as a medical remedy. The result is that we now have to fight antibiotic resistant or multi-drug resistant bacteria.

An ordinary antibiotic kills perhaps half a dozen different strains of disease-causing bacteria which, in turn, develop resistance to these antibiotic treatments. And because bacteria pass their developed resistance to later generations of bacteria, experts expect that antibiotic resistance will continue to increase dramatically.

It takes about 10 years to develop a new antibiotic that becomes ineffective in less than a year of use.

As a consequence, since 1987, the pharmaceutical industry has practically stopped the development of new antibiotics. This means that there is no longer a reliable antibiotic in case of a new epidemic outbreak

Another significant problem is that antibiotics, in addition to destroying bad bacteria, also kill the body’s intestinal flora (or good bacteria). Without this flora, you are immuno-compromised. This is no overstatement as your body’s intestinal flora comprises about 70 – 80 percent of your immune system. Without it you are open to a myriad of diseases that the body cannot fight against.

Nano Silver, a natural and safe antibiotic, does make a distinction between good and bad bacteria.

What is Nano Silver Composed of?

A solution of Nano Silver consists of very small silver particles in which are not “in suspension” but are in fact dissolved or “in a solution” of pure water. It is known that Nano Silver kills a variety of micro-organisms and purifies drinking water. Each silver particle has a positive electrical charge that is attracted to viruses, fungi, bacteria and other disease-causing unicellular organisms that are negatively charged. In this way, nano silver destroys harmful organisms.

Silver is oxidized by light: photography is based on this fact. Therefore any silver product that is kept in a cheap blue or brown plastic or glass bottle is oxidizing during every minute it is exposed to light. Thus, any silver product in blue or brown bottles will be less effective at killing pathogens. However, a product stored in dark violet glass will be far less oxidized and so more effective for a much longer time because the dark violet glass ensures that the silver particles remain protected against light.

“Papa Smurf”

imagesThere are some cases of people who suffered an irreversible gray/blue coloration of the skin (argyria) subsequent to the use of a colloidal or other low quality silver product. In those cases there was an extremely excessive use of the silver product, and the silver taken was incorrectly produced in home laboratories. The silver particles were too large, causing them to lodge in the fatty tissue under the skin, and the silver was impure and/or was subject to the formation of silver chloride through the addition of salt.

To avoid the blue coloring which occurred with Paul Karason (see picture), when purchasing a silver colloid or solution please note the following:

  • The silver water should be positively charged,
  • It must be produced in 100% pure water,
  • Particles should be nano sized,
  • Nano silver must be stored in light-resistant dark glass bottles.

As a note, Paul Karason (pictured here), who had made his own colloidal silver product, stated on the Oprah Winfrey show that even though he had caused this discoloration of his skin by his homemade colloidal silver, it still had silver in it and it made him feel great – he still took it despite its effect on his skin tone!

Use of Nano Silver

Nano Silver can be used both externally and internally, and is an excellent dietary supplement. Daily use of Nano Silver is recommended to protect your body against bacteria and infections.

Detox: It is never wrong to give your body an annual cleansing. During your detox, every morning drink 20-30 ml Nano Silver on an empty stomach until your litre bottle is empty. To give your detox extra power you can follow a common sense low sugar detox diet. Drink plenty of water during a detox program to get rid of all waste.

After a detox treatment you can take a maintenance dose of one teaspoon daily of nano silver on an empty stomach or a weekly tablespoon of nano silver.

Mouthwash: For sensitive or inflamed gums you can use nano silver to rinse and/or gargle.

In the case of wounds, burns, eczema, molds, sores or cuts, apply nano silver to the affected area, which will encourage faster healing and a dramatically lessened risk of infection and scarring.

Nano Silver does not irritate sensitive eyes, nose or throat.

We are limited by government regulations on what we say about the efficacy of Nano Silver and the amazing effects these can have on people’s health and in their lives. Thus, the best place to go to get information is advice-giving health shops. One thing governments cannot take away from us is freedom of speech. A person can give you advice and tell you the truth about what a product can do or how it can help you, although this cannot be put into print due to the various laws surrounding the promotion of natural health products.


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