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Noble Metals Usage Guide

Use of Silver:

Rids the body of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Works as a “second immune system”. Use as a ‘detox’, bacterial infections such as strep throat and bladder infections, viral infections such as herpes and Pfeiffer, and fungi such as candida and fungal nails. Also very suitable for external use.

Use of Gold:

Stimulates production of dopamine and other neurotransmitters, inhibits inflammation. Promotes the conduction of nerves, enhances brain function. Has a regenerative effect on DNA. Gold boost collagen (anti-wrinkle). Also involved in hormone regulation.

Can be used with addictions (sugar, chocolate, alcohol, drugs, nicotine), rheumatic complaints, depression, nervous disorders, memory problems and hormonal problems, anti-aging remedy.

Use of Platinum:

Promotes coordination between left and right brain hemispheres and brain waves harmonization. Has a regenerative effect on body tissues, thymus, DNA and hormonal system. Can be used with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, concentration problems, lowered immunity, mood swings and disturbed hormones.

Dosage Noble Minerals:

In case of complaints, slowly build up dosage up to 30 ml per day (full measuring cup).

Day 1 : 1 tea spoon;
Dag 2 : 2 tea spoons;
Dag 3 : 3 tea spoons or 1 tale spoon;
Dag 4 : 2 table spoons;
Dag 5 : 3 table spoons.

Silver Detox: build up up to 30ml to 60ml daily.

Silver Topical Use: apply several drops to the skin (face and neck – use a pipette)

Gold and Platinum Topical Use: apply several drops to the skin (face and neck – use a pipette)

Maintenance Dosage: 1 – 3 table spoons daily or for instance one table spoon twice a week.

For children under 12 years: use half or 1/3rd of the dosage.

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